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Plumbing Pilots is family owned and is licensed, bonded and insured. What sets us apart from other plumbing companies is that we guarantee a licensed plumber will be working in your home. All of our plumbers at Plumbing Pilots have at a minimum of a Journeyman license – which includes 10,000 hours of training and experience as well as a state test. This is very important to me because as a customer you would be surprised at how many companies charge an astronomical amount and send an inexperienced technician to your home to make repairs. We genuinely care about our customers and do not focus on sales as much as we focus on clean quality work with accurate diagnostics. We look forward to working in your home and introducing you to our Plumbing Pilot family!

Basic List of Plumbing Installation & Repair Services:

  • Sump Pumps
  • Battery Backups for Sump Pumps (For When Your Power Goes Out)
  • Sewage Pumps
  • Water heaters
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Whole House Water Piping Replacement
  • Whole House Sewer Piping Replacement
  • Water Softeners
  • Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems
  • Whole House Water Filters
  • Frozen Pipes
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Toilet Installation
  • Faucet Installation
  • Kitchen and Bath Faucets
Plumbing Pilots | Plumbing Services Done Right the First Time

Water Heaters

standard and tankless

Hot water is a necessary comfort in our homes.  Do you know that water heater manufacturers recommend yearly maintenance? If your water heater is having issues like making noise, taking too long to get hot, not enough hot water, or leaking, make an appointment with Plumbing Pilots. One of our licensed plumbers will inspect and diagnose any issues and implement a maintenance plan for your water heater.

Plumbing Pilots | Water Heater Install and Service
Plumbing Pilots | Sump Pump Install and Repair

Sump Pumps

battery backups

Sump pumps are an important piece of equipment in your home. No one wants unwanted water in their home. Sump pumps are designed to get water away from your home. What happens if your sump pump fails, or your power goes out. Ask us about our back up sump pump systems. If you need your existing pump tested or replaced, make an appointment with one of our licensed plumbers.

Sewage Pumps

ejector pumps

These pumps are used to pump out the wastewater or gray water from your plumbing system. These types of pumps are used if there are plumbing fixtures lower than what the sewer comes into your home. They are also used in some septic systems.

Plumbing Pilots | Sump Pump Installation and Service

Leaking Pipes

sewer and water

Get leaking pipes looked at by our seasoned plumbers. Leaking pipes can cause lots of damage in your home. We have many solutions to fix these issues rather in be a water line or drain line.

Faucets & Water Filtration

installation and service

Looking to upgrade your faucet, Plumbing Pilots has many options on installation. Tired of that faucet dripping, wasting water. We can rebuild your faucet too. We commonly install or rebuild kitchen, laundry, lavatory, tub/shower, outside faucets, filtration systems and more.

Plumbing Pilots | Faucets Install and Repair Services
Plumbing Pilots | Toilet Installation and Repair


installation and service

Toilet not flushing or doesn’t seem to have enough pressure? Or maybe you’re dealing with a toilet that just seems to constantly run? No worries, our experts at Plumbing Pilots guarantee we can provide a solution to your problem whether it’s maintaining your current toilet or upgrading to a new one.

Clogged drains

service and repair

Plumbing Pilots is your premier choice for all drain services. Is your shower, sink, or tub draining slowly? Getting your drains cleaned when there is a small issue will help avoid a plumbing emergency later. Our professional licensed plumbers will inspect and clear away any blockage whether due to grease buildup, hair, or even tree roots. Plumbing pilots offers the best drain cleaning and maintenance on the market.

Plumbing Pilots | Clogged Drain Service and Repair

Gas Lines

installation, leak detection, and repair

Need a gas line added, have a leak, or need replacement. Our licensed plumbers have a set of techniques and knowledge to pinpoint exactly where your issue is coming from and also have a solution to repair it.

Plumbing Pilots | Installation, Leak Detection & Repair
Plumbing Pilots | Garbage Disposal Service and Solutions

Garbage Disposals

service and repair

Garbage disposals are used daily in a lot of homes. Rinsing your dishes and running the food scraps down the disposal may clog the disposal and or cause a foul smell. Monthly maintenance should be done on your garbage disposal to avoid a major malfunction such as issues with the motor. Plumbing Pilots are equipped to repair or replace your garbage disposal quickly if needed.

Sewer Smells

inspection and repair

Need sewer services? Plumbing Pilots will fly to your rescue! Our plumbing experts use state of the art equipment that has fiber optic cameras that allow us to inspect your underground drain lines and diagnose specific problems.  You can trust that Plumbing Pilots will have the remedy to  get your drains working properly!

Plumbing Pilots | Smelly Sewer Solutions

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